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Art & Tech

About me

Hi, my name is Bert. A jack of many trades, master of some. Throughout the years I’ve worked for a wide range of companies and clients, picking up multiple creative and technical disciplines along the way.

I offer a one-stop solution for bringing your creative vision to life. With clear communication, creativity and heart for your goals. Have a look around and I wish you a great stay on my website.


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    Web Development

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    UX/UI Design

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    Graphic Design & Illustration

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    2D/3D Animation

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    Film & Photography

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    Music Production

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    Project & team management

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Way of working

In order to make any project and collaboration proceed smoothly, some structure is needed. Through my experience in agile teams and freelance projects I distilled a clean way of working. However, since every client is different I am flexible enough to agree on a way that works best for us both.

Brainstorm & Sketches

To get a good idea of what is requested I like to sit down with my client and sketch out the idea together in real time. This can be either in person or through a video chat, where I share my iPad's screen and/or video feed on my sketch book. At this stage we can also gather references, define initial preferences and discuss budget.

Breakdown & Planning

Once it is clear what needs to be made, I go and break down the steps into tasks. Depending on the project these can be user stories or a more direct list of components. I give each task a rough estimate so to come to a grand total, which I can communicate to my client. At this point we can tweak, cut or add tasks based on priorities and budget. Once my client agrees on the outline I can give a rough roadmap and official quote.

Progress & Updates

Using the planning board I can update my client on the current status of the project. When a task changes status, like from To Do into Progress, my client receives an email or notification. Through comments on the task we can communicate details. Depending on the size of the project I define a number of milestones, which indicate a workable version and a partial payment. This allows the project to flow and reduce stress on both sides as much as possible.